PSA: Unsupported Region

I should clarify. This example is primarily on Android, because they combined Locale and Language in the same area. So when you choose English-IN you’re choosing English with India for your Locale.

Windows handles this differently, as do other devices.

thank you for clarification. Its and OS issue, nothing Brave can do about.

Interesting now, that after a critique which was a response to a post from Saoiray and is now resolved my post just one above gets flagged. It looks like critique even though it was clarified is not allowed. Thats quite harsh actually. Let’s see when this post gets flagged

Anything new after call?

Really? :man_facepalming: Ffs…I already posted updates. Not only do I always make sure to make a separate comment

But I also date stamp in the original post:

New Tab - Brave 12_9_2022 13_29_21
That’s literally the whole purpose of this topic, so everyone can be updated with the latest information without having to repeat it continuously.

Sorry if I’m coming off as a bit of an ass on my response, but it does get tiring when people refuse to take the time to read things and just jump in with questions. This isn’t a personal response to you either, just is me venting due to people in general. (Remember, I don’t get paid for this or anything. I’m just another human being)


Hi any news Malaysia when will be supported since now it’s already Dec 2022?


I’m getting sick of people who keep going off topic here. This is my topic that I made in order to provide updates to everyone on the changes being made about unsupported regions.

This is NOT the place for you to to seek support, complain about being flagged, etc.

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Fyi, it’s me who flagged your replies. My topic that you commented on is supposed to be about updates to changes made for support offered to countries. Nobody really should be commenting on it, only updates on unsupported countries.

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You’re not the only one I’ve gotten at. Check out these replies by me on my own topic.

Unfortunately, all of these comments and opinions detract from the goal and make related bits of information that much harder to find.

I understand your frustration and it’s fine to go make your own topic to complain or seek help. But it’s all about doing it in the right place.

Connecting an Uphold account to Brave Rewards re-enabled for another 6 countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czechia (Czech Republic), Hungary, South Africa


I can confirm Uphold re-enable for Czech Republic (both for old or new devices). Thank you very much, Saoiray, for your constant reporting about the situation. I hope that users in other countries will soon be allowed.


Yo bro what about India?

Yes, please provide the specific time period “when will be indian brave user starting getting support of uphold accounts”. This month or next year onwards @Saoiray @sampson

@Kousik-7 @VaibhavVashist All known information is already shared. If you want to go make requests or complaints, you need to do that on your own topic or write into Brave directly.

The whole purpose of this topic was just so I can provide everyone the most recent information as soon as we learn more. This is because information was spread out in different places and not always made public.

So if you read everything I said, you’ll know as much as you can possibly know about the situation. There’s NEVER anything extra I can tell you than I already have updated this topic.


Ok Saoiray :ok: tq for the information

December 20, 2022

Brave is still working on adding regions. It is highly unlikely there will be any changes for the rest of the month due to the holidays. Next additions likely to occur in January. They will provide more updates when available.

There will be no Community Call next week, with the next one occurring the first Tuesday of January. As such, likely will be no updates for next week.



Things are still a work in progress. Everyone is returning from holidays and they have to get a gameplan together. What they can say is their priority right now is on getting countries added to Uphold. No idea how long it’s going to take and don’t have a list of countries to share in terms of saying will be ready soon.

As to Gemini, they have nothing to say on it for now. It may be something they add again for the future but it’s not a priority and we’re not expecting any countries to be added back for it any time soon.

Side Note
The primary person who has been giving us updates, Jimmy Secretan, is leaving to start an unrelated company with friends. This is his last week. Not sure if Chriscat will be joining in on the weekly calls or who we’ll have for updates.


Nothing new stated during Community Call. Unfortunately new person in charge of Growth hasn’t started yet and Jimmy’s last week was January 3. Luke didn’t have any updates to give beyond the normal idea they are working on trying to add more countries.

That said, I do know they have been working to get things handled between Brave and Uphold to get the next batch of countries added, which should hopefully be happening this month. Not sure which countries or anything.


Yet another week with no updates. New person in charge of Growth started today. They said hopefully will have some information to share with us next week.

Brendan also joined the call to mention that Brave is still working on another exchange partner for regions that are having difficulties, such as India. He said while they can’t give specific details now, it’s positive and it’s one that has close ties to Brave. So it’s all looking positive.

As always, I’ll post updates here as they share more.