PSA: Unsupported Region

Check how many ad campaigns in your region at

  • The NTP ads only appear at most once every 15 minutes with a maximum of 20 per day.
  • Brave News can show up to 12 per hour, a maximum of 60 per day

That said, it’s also like a lottery. It’s not guaranteed to show in all of those. I guess you can kind of think of ads as if you’re throwing dice. The timeframes mentioned is when you’re allowed to roll. Then once you hit the right roll and view an ad, it recalculates. If you hit the maximum in that timeframe, you have to wait for it to unlock to roll again.

As to campaigns, you can see how many total ad campaigns are in your area by going to It looks like there are 17 campaigns. Then if you want to see specific ads available to you, then you check the link that @SmartyAadi shared. Just be advised that the sampson one is unofficial and is something Sampson does in his spare time. So there are times when it might stop updating, but it’s overall accurate and reliable. On that, you also can see what devices each ad targets. So even though 17 campaigns in your area, they may not all target your type of device. They can also be inline, NTP/SI(Sponsored Image), or PN (push notification).

You can see the # of campaigns running in each country here:

It depends on where advertisers are advertising. If advertisers in the ecosystem are not purchasing that many ads in Turkey, then there won’t be that many campaigns in Turkey.

Brave nightly and beta never show ads

Are you going to give an answer

@mertwix Not on this topic. I replied to you on your own topic. This is supposed to only be for Unsupported Region. It’s my own topic. I sometimes am nice to give short reply to things here, but if you have a problem, need to be on your own topic rather than many comments/replies here.

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Nothing new for this week. They are hoping things are in line and able to reopen to some countries within Latin America next week. No specific countries they can speak of right now, only that at least some countries in the region seems like it’s close to coming back.

I didn’t ask about India and they didn’t mention. So for those wondering, still don’t know. I’ll hope to dig in more on that maybe next week, in addition to hopefully news about Latin America and other regions as well.

Glad to know if any update about india region please let us know

Some Latin American countries should be added within the next 2-3 of days.

India and others still are unknown. They say it’s still a high priority but that there have been a number of complications. The focus is just trying to get things organized and making it so when they bring it back, hopefully doesn’t need to be taken down again for a long time.

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Argentina is in?


Didn’t say what countries. We will have to wait to see which ones. He said hopefully in the next 2-3 days or less.

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Argentina has been added back just now !



Great, and Germany is still on the waiting list… will it happen again in 2023? Hope dies last, but it dies. :grimacing:


Uphold verification re-enabled for 15 countries additional countries

  • Argentina
  • Belize
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • Grenada
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Uruguay
  • Bahamas
  • Jamaica

Thanks for sharing that @SmartyAadi. I was busy with other things today so update was coming late.


Buenas, soy de PERU salgo en la lista de paises ya admitidos pero me sigue saliendo como REGION NO ADMITIDA, puede ser algun error de momento o soy yo en especifico ?

Is that in Brave Nightly?
If yes, then did you choose another region where they asked to choose a region?
If yes, then probably you’ll have to reset the wallet because as far as I remember they said you have to reset if you wish to change the region. Or you can create a new Profile.
You can raise a ticket at

And hope that they are able to help out to change the region.
To them it’s fishy that why would someone choose a other region than the one they reside in, so that’s why such stuff is in place.

Took a closer look, in the Taskbar I could see that this one is the official release version. So I guess you could just wait for some time for the regional changes to go in place or check if any updates for Brave are pending.

Buenas, de hecho en los BRAVE AZUL Y MORADO me sale esto. Dice que actualmente no esta disponible y seleccione PERU como pais de residencia en su momento.

Por favor, haga otro tema para usted. Ya hay muchas cosas innecesarias aquí. Vincula el nuevo tema que crees.

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