Please sync search engine omnibar shortcuts

Today, I decided to make the switch to Brave. I’ve been using Brave Beta on my desktop computer, and Google Chrome on my other devices. I installed Brave Beta on a second Windows PC today and was surprised that my fancy omnibar text search engine shortcuts didn’t carry over.

I had spent a good deal of time crafting clever search shortcuts that felt intuitive to me and which would help me with super-quick site-specific searches. At this point, I’ve added about 30 four-letter shortcuts for the various sites I use on a regular basis for both work and personal searches.

It’s so disappointing that I’ll have to re-add these shortcuts one by one by one on each Windows PC where I install Brave, especially when Bookmarks sync is such a breeze. Would you kindly consider adding functionality that will sync custom Search Engine shortcuts for the omnibar (sorry if that’s not the right term for the search bar in Brave)?