Please introduce account system in browser

If i unistall my browser everything like password manager , history and bookmark i will lose . So if i have account i can always access my data anywhere …

Brave doesn’t have an email account login option because it doesn’t want to have any of your data, or as little data as possible, to ensure smooth operation of the browser , having an account system would defeat the purpose and there is a way you can save your passwords , extensions , bookmarks either by sync or by saving the user data file in

disc ‘c’ :arrow_right: users :arrow_right: your profile :arrow_right:app data :arrow_right: local :arrow_right: brave software :arrow_right: brave-browser :arrow_right: user data

and save this folder on your system and pate it again in the same folder are reinstalling the browser

hope this answers your question

You can also export some of your data to be imported later:

how can i get this data on my linux ubunthu

i have never used linux but i guess this video can help you but i dont recommend compressing the file as he says in the video because we dont know that is it safe to compress user data

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