No Ad is available in my region(Switzerland)

I got the message that there is no Ads available in my region. I am from Switzerland(in the systeminformation the local is Germany). How can i change the region, in order to be able to see ads.
Should I change the Region in the browser(if yes, how? I did not found the Region setting.) or do i have to do something else?

Thx in advance

Hi keeran,

unfortunately Switzerland is not officially supported yet. See FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads? for a list of supported countries.
Neither have I looked into the source code how Brave gets the location info nor did I try to fake it as I live in a supported country. But most modern Browsers use the HTML5 Geolocation AP.
So you could try changing the info in the developer tools of Brave.
In your dev tools:

And then you will see the possibility to change your location.
But as I said, never tried it, no guarantee!

thx for the info. But did not work

Then it might get the location over your ip, so you could try to fake that.
But obviously, the best option would just be to wait until it’s available in Switzerland as well.

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thx man, for your time. I would rather listen to you than changing the ip :slight_smile:
Thx again