Pending payouts since February


I have a problem with not receiving a payout since February. I have pending payouts of almost 2400 BAT. I have tried to read here on the forum to find out what can be wrong. Some of the posts that seems to have similar problems that I am facing seem to be accounts under suspension or review, is there some notification about this on the publisher dashboard or any other communication that this could be the case?

If this is not the case what can be wrong, and who do I contact to get this resolved?

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@RobertEklund did you have your verified Uphold account connected to your publisher account?

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Felicidades :+1::man_red_haired::man_red_haired:

Yes, my Uphold account says “Verified member since July 2018”. So that could not be the problem.

@eljuno – I am having the same issue and I have the same question (though my pending payout is MUCH smaller :wink:

FULLY verified on UpHold (have been since February). Have had different amounts of “pending payouts” in April and May – but never received any transfer to my Uphold wallet. I am a verified publisher.

Is there some way to find out if we’ve been suspended?

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