Participants Mic and Video toggle feature


I’ve recently used the premium version of brave talk. There is a feature that toggles mic and video of the participants to only allow to switch on upon request from host. However when I use that feature, my participants are still able to unmute themselves without requesting any permission from me the host. The settings always returns to default (i.e. participants can unmute themselves at their own accord) despite me toggling it.

Is there a particular method I need to apply so that this feature works?


Yes, just had the Premium Account as well and this waaas able to be produced again on Desktop as Moderator
Edit: as well as create room over mobile with Account

Head over to Participants > Mute all > Ensure ‘participants must request to speak’ option > Mute >> Participants (not moderators) still able to unmutes!

Edit: still no action on this

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