Open .pdf files in a capable (3rd party) app

I have been using Brave for a while now, but there are a few issues that are annoying me.

The biggest issue I have is that I cannot get Brave to open .pdf files in the .pdf reader that I need. If the only way to read .pdf files with a capable .pdf application is to right-click the file, download it, and open it through Windows Explorer, then this is a very serious wooden leg for Brave.

I know that Brave is based on Chrome and that Chrome is Google, so they want to force you to open your .pdf files in their primitive version of a .pdf reader, so they can scan the contents of the files you read and make money on profiling you.

I picked Brave because it is not Google and it is supposed to have more respect for my privacy. I don’t want to be profiled from what I read on the Internet. Especially not, since I am reading/researching a lot of .pdf files and web pages about topics, that I am really not interested in, just because it is my job to do so.

Nobody can be the best at everything and the built-in .pdf reader is very clear proof of that. Instead of force feeding us with a primitive .pdf reader even if you are supposedly not interested in what we are reading, please make it possible to use a 3rd party reader like most other browsers that care about the needs of their users.

The problem with small issues like this is that they mount up with other small or minor issues, until the pile is such a nuisance that you start looking for something better.