Open in app option to open the current page in native app

Firefox for Android has a very useful feature In the three dot menu called “Open in app”

It allows you to open the current page in the default application associated with that website. For example Reddit in the default app or Youtube in the default app.

Note that in many cases, the page itself detects your in mobile browser and suggests to open it in the native app - However, they are always trying to push you to open it in their official first party app and not necessarily in the default app you’ve defined in your system (Reddit, Youtube etc have alternative apps to the official app that many people prefer)

Here’s another person praising this feature:
Reddit - Dive into anything (

This is a love letter to whoever came up with the idea for this feature in Firefox.

I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve used it. Sometimes I’ll be casually browsing the web and come upon a Reddit, YouTube, or MangaDex link, and this feature allows me to transfer my experience seamlessly from Firefox to the relevant app (Relay, YouTube and Tachiyomi) even after I’ve loaded the page.
Compare/contrast this to Chrome, where if you’ve opened a page in a tab and need to reopen it in the app, you’d need to copy/paste some kind of identifier (name of the video/Reddit post/manga) to the relevant app and search for it again.

I have no idea why the other browsers aren’t stealing this dead simple, super useful feature. I have no idea why it isn’t a must-have, considering how many sites also have dedicated apps. I daresay this is the #1 reason I haven’t jumped back to a different browser like Brave (which is also great - but again, no Open in App).

Whoever proposed/implemented this feature in Firefox for Android, god bless you.

It looks like a low hanging fruit / quick win to me. Please add this!

Found this PR in the Firefox Android repo, might shed some light on how this feature is implemented in case one of the Brave Android developers is reading this
Bug 1831853 - Migrate Open in app feature code from Java to Kotlin by mcarare · Pull Request #1939 · mozilla-mobile/firefox-android · GitHub