Not receiving any rewards and lost/never received my Gemini linked rewards when Brave forced me to use Uphold instead

I never received my reward on Gemini. Also, I am not receiving any ads even if I’m not blocking them. And even the few 3 I had are paying like 0,0003 BAT… My friend (which I showed Brave Browser and which is living near my city is, in opposite, receiving plenty and is receiving a lot of BAT… Why am I penalized? Why can’t I talk to some tech or someone from Brave… :frowning:

Version 1.60.118 Chromium: 119.0.6045.163 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

My lost funds were with Gemini (never received them into my Gemini Account) and I’m actually using Uphold

Yes. From supported Area where everyone is gaining rewards excepts for me.

Hey. If you are connected to uphold, you should receive the funds in your Uphold wallet, not gemini.

The difference in ads is not generally this much at least when its the same region but I know that US ads are even categorized for each state but not quite sure if that is city wise too.
Just to make sure, do you have brave news turned on ? you have the brave news on the new tab page where you can scroll and receive ads.
Another thing is to have sponsored images turned on (click on customize on new tab page → Background images → show sponsored images).

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