Not getting any Brave Ads Android 11

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Not receiving Brave Ads

Expected result:

Brave Version 1.20.108

Google Pixel 3A Android 11

When I first downloaded Brave on Android many moons ago the Brave Rewards were not yet available on the app. I have been using the Brave app constantly since then yet I do not seem to be receiving any Brave Ad notifications. I am synced across 3 devices.

I’ve checked I’ve got all notifications turned on in both system and app and still getting nothing and never have.

Does anyone have any idea what might be the issue. I’m losing so much BAT revenues.


Hi @Axemadman74 do you see active campaigns on this link?

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I can see active campaigns and I can also tip. I could always tip sites but it’s tough if you can’t earn BAT.

don’t you get sponsored images either?

If I open a blank tab then yes I’m getting the background images which I believe are the sponsored images.

I’m searching my phone settings in case I have something turned off but as far as I can see all notifications are on so I’m a bit perplexed.

Well, since you seem to no be receiving any reward then there should not be any problem with resetting the rewards :thinking: . I got a similar issue before an after resetting the wallet it started showing ads

Thanks John. How do you reset brave wallet? I’ve looked through brave://rewards-internals but can’t see an option to reset. I can’t seem to link my Uphold wallet to it either as I haven’t reached enough BAT to verify wallet.

Sorry it seems I got a bit confused, the desktop version have the option to reset the wallet in mobile it’s just uninstall/reinstall :sweat_smile:

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Yeah. I was thinking that. I had cleared all cache and data and did an uninstall/reinstall earlier today. Still nothing. Maybe time to do a full reset on phone!

Android 11 is quite heavily focused on privacy and I’ve no doubt I’ve turned a switch on somewhere to block ads. No I’ve no idea if this is my issue but the phones due a good clear out anyway.

Thanks for your help John. :+1:

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