Not able to send bat from zebpay

I had received my brave reward in my zebpay account but when I transfer it to another wallet it says insufficient balance u have 0bat but I have 10 bat in my zebpay portfolio

Send screenshot will take a look.

@ProGamerov I think it’s because you can’t cover the network fee. Don’t you see where it says network fee is 88.07 or so BAT? It is never free to move cryptocurrency anywhere.

That said, I’m not overly familiar with ZebPay. So will see if @SmartyAadi or this @realjinx might seem to have a good understanding., They will correct me if I’m wrong or confirm if I’m correct that this is your issue.

I think it might be cheaper/better if you just withdraw it to your bank account rather than another crypto wallet.

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You need more than 88.07 Bats in order to cover network fee.
It’s contrary to the popular belief that crypto transactions are same as fiat ones i.e. minor charges or even free in case of UPI but it’s not.

@Saoiray you right about it.

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I got it, the bat which brave sends to zebpay custodial wallet is sent to zebpay exchange means that zebpay is holding 10 bat token in there exchange of which I am owner but I can’t send this to another wallet I have to first sell them get money in portfolio then I can again go to trade and buy bat which I will be able to send and the gas is not that high it’s very cheap less than 1 bat

@ProGamerov ZebPay is essentially telling everyone that they don’t expect you to use them as a wallet. They are a custodial exchange. You use them to store and withdraw crypto only. If you wish to send to other addresses, they charge you about $30 USD it seems. All of their pricing is at

So your issue is you’re trying to send it from ZebPay to some other wallet. Instead you need to be converting it to fiat and withdrawing to your bank. Then you should have little to no fees.

What is important is that you sit down and read through everything. I’m not sure why you aren’t spending the time to understand what you’re using or agreeing to.

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