Not able to click Allow or Block on Popup

Whenever a pop up like in the image above occurs on the adroid Brave app, I’m not able to either allow or block it and I have to forcefully push the back button.
Is it only happening in my Phone ?
I’m not able to give camera or microphone access to web apps. The “allow” and “block” buttons, both are not functioning.

I use Brave Browser app on a Samsung Galaxy J7 Max.

Edit: I was able to solve this. This was because of a blue light filter app. It was not allowing me to click on “Block” or “Allow”. So, whenever a pop-up like this comes up, I have to close the blue light filtering app and then I am able to click on the options.

Thanks for reaching out. Can you tell me what Brave version you’re using at this time? Also, this may sound silly, but can you try and move the toolbar from bottom to the top (Menu --> Settings --> Appearance --> Enable bottom toolbar) and then see if you’re able to select the Block/Allow options?

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