No Brave rewards since 4 days and no ads

Hello Brave Team,
Since four days I am not getting any brave rewards not any pop up advertisements. My BAT is in stand still mode of 10.125 . I had very good opinion about BAT and brave browser. But this is really disappointing and I can see BAT value is going high. Has it got anything to do with the issue I am facing ?


Yes me too as well, for the past couple of days, I haven’t been getting any ads on all different devices I use brave on. I hope to know whether this is an issue from my side, or from Brave itself

@luffy11321 @philipdavy

  • verify you have the latest version of brave
  • create a new profile in the browser
  • enable brave rewards there, make sure there isn’t any extension enabled (some antiviruses and other programs sometimes install their extensions)
  • be patient and browse in the new profile normally to see if you get ads
  • if the brave rewards work normally there then probably there is an extension causing the problem.
  • you can try disabling all extensions in your normal profile, then again patiently browse as you always do, if you begin to see ads again then its sure one of the extensions is the problem. you can enable them one by one to see if the ads stops, to identify the troublemaker.

why this happen? :thinking: I can’t be sure but I think sometimes an update from an extension can cause the browser(rewards) to stop working properly or an update of the brave browser can cause the extension to provoke that the browser(rewards) to stop working properly :grimacing:

anyway that’s based on my experience if this case doesn’t apply to you then I’m sorry, there’s nothing more I can do to help you :sob:


I disabled the extensions , still it is not working.
I have created a new profile and there the ads are working.

Can I merge the two profiles so that I can transfer BATS from Profile 1 to profile 2 ?

Thank you for your help : )

but it didn’t work, I don’t have any extensions in the first place,

as for a different account

I still didn’t sign in using the same account on my mobile.

@luffy11321 not a new account, a new profile in the brave browser, click in the hamburger icon in the top right corner of brave and then on “create new profile” image

is it possible to merge profile 1 and profile 2 ?

@philipdavy that’s a good sign, then is very likely one of your extensions is causing the problem.

that’s why I told you to be patient

you can’t “merge” them but you can link them to the same uphold account (there’s a limit of 4 wallets per account)

Oh, I tried it an hour ago and waited. Still haven’t gotten any ads or revenue so far.

Oh and sometimes when I get a “paid background” image, I still don’t get any BAT. This is happening on all devices and profiles so far : (

@JohnDproof So does that mean in each profile I need minimum 25 BAT to start an uphold account ?

If that is the case , I only have 10 BATS in one profile and just started with the second profile.

@luffy11321 mm… I running out of ideas :sweat_smile:

it is very weird that rewards aren’t working in any of your devices… are you sure you are in a supported region? do you use vpn? do you have the latest version of brave?

what you describe up there is very similar to what happened to me but you say that you don’t use any extensions…
this is way I recommended you the steps above:

@philipdavy well, I’m not sure how to answer that… when I verified my wallet the 25 bat minimum didn’t exist and since I have my two laptops synced maybe that allowed me to link the second wallet ignoring the requirement (that’s what I think :thinking: )

@philipdavy No you don’t, just go to Uphold and create an Uphold Account, then go to Brave Rewards, and select “Verify Wallet”, and you’ll have the option to Log in to your account, and that should do it I believe, that’s how I did it and I was no where near 25 BAT

@JohnDproof Yes I just checked, I am in a supported region “Lebanon”, and it was working fine for the past 5 months I believe. I don’t use VPN, and I checked, I do have the latest version of Brave, I even downloaded the Beta version to try and check. But still, no update, no ads, no revenue.

Should’ve said this before too, but really, sorry for bothering you with this, and I really do appreciate the help.

@luffy11321 :frowning_face:
well, let’s try one last time…

so you don’t get push notifications in any laptop/pc nor new profiles in those? could it be that maybe you don’t have notifications enabled for brave in your system :sweat_smile: or maybe some feature like the “period without notifications” that windows 8 have is blocking them? check with this:

and last if that do not help either… I would think of resetting the wallet :confused:

or maybe @Mattches @fanboynz could think of something else

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