No Ads for past 2-3 days


I have not received any ads for the last 2-3 days even thought I have been surfing as usual and would get extensive ads. Could you help me solve the issue? Located in US.


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Dont think that is it - has not happened before. Who could I send a note to look into my particular account whether there are issues?

please see your DMs.

Hi @Aa-ron, There are no ads coming to windows since July 16. When will this problem go away?

I have not received ads since July 7 and there are several users like me in my case is Windows 10

Hi @Aa-ron

Why you set my topic as unlisted?
I asked you there but you didn’t reply.

Transparency is the key for a good communication, specially when you try to communicate with a community. When things like hiding and closing topics without a reason occur we as community members lose trust.

I talked with other users and I know that I’m not the only one affected by this arbitrary censoring.

EDIT: My issue was solved by @steeven


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