NEED Simpler Method of Reporting Bugs

The current bug reporting method is not ideal for most use-cases. Only specific populations have the patience to:

  1. Figure out how to figure out how to report Brave Bugs
  2. Notice that there’s an embedded link on the help page that directs you to the community forum
  3. Create a new account and activate the link in order to submit a bug
  4. Look through the forum to find any related submissions

Simplify the process and people will absolutely report bugs.

The issue I’m raising here reminds me of a scene from the show Silicon Valley when a non-engineer complains that the Pied Piper app is “overly engineered” and misses the general population demographic.

Bug submitting on Brave is overly engineered and is hidden behind layers of links and forum postings and text walls, and unless the average user can click a button that auto-generates a bug report template, you’re going to have users leaving Brave when the browser can’t do something that any other browser can do (I’ve personally been having login issues using google authentication on Brave and I end up rarely even using Brave as a result).

Not that complicated. Problem -> Support -> become forum member -> post problem on forum -> wait for response. It even guides you through the process of how and where to post it in the answer template.

And removing the obligation from having to become a forum member is an open invitation for spam bots and what have you :wink:

Amen, brother.
It seems that Brave people do not want to hear from us when we encounter problems. In my case, Brave has now (overnight) twice wiped out pages I was using. I’m thinking strongly of going back to Safari…which does not have this problem.
Why would Brave folks not want to know about this issue?

Bug reports are for Developer builds only. For the stable release it goes under ‘Support and Troubleshooting’
I’m new to this forum and just by browsing the Catagories I find this info.
@whatwhatwhat @bobpoark56
What’s the problem?

Hello there, I totally agree with what is said here as this is exactly what I have been looking for. Now, I absolutely love using Brave except when it comes to using ‘Bookmarks’. All I wanted to do, was to ask what improvements are being worked on. I don’t think using a bug report would the best way of doing this but to give any form of feed back or to ask questions is so difficult and time consuming. I would really like to see a global feedback, Support, Bug report Form all in one. Simply click a link, select which option you want and then type away, and to help the Team at Brave, one would be able to add a tag to their feed back. So when this feed back goes through too Brave, all related areas are grouped together under their specific category titles on their side…hope this makes sense.