Bug Reporting is Terrible

Description of the issue:
It is way too hard to report a bug in Brave or to provide feedback! I had to do two google searches, click a few links, backtrack, signup, verify my email, scratch my butt, and boom, finally I can report a bug.
That is WAY TOO MANY STEPS!!! Especially for regular users! The only people who will EVER go to such lengths to submit a bug are developers or power users. But with a young product you need as much feedback as you can get!!!

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. click the side menu hamburger at top right
  2. look for a ‘report feedback’ or ‘report bug’ option

Expected result:
I expect a Report Feedback and/or Report Bug option

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
There is a report broken site option, but no send feedback / report bug? That is horrible! It suggests that other people are the problem. I.e. that only other products can be broken, but not yours.

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I apologize that you found signing up for a forum and submitting a request on the forum too difficult.

However, you were able to navigate the gauntlet to submit a post here to air your grievance, so I imagine you’ll be able to submit an actual support request with even less effort. We appreciate your feedback and are working on several support initiatives to provide and receive support easier for everyone.

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Hey Mattches - thanks for your prompt reply!

It was not the signup process or submitting a request that was difficult. It was the fact that I had to do it, in the first place, in order to provide feedback.

For example, it is easy to report a broken site:

And it should be just as easy to provide feedback. I recommend maybe adding another option to that same dropdown, but I imagine that the side menu dropdown real estate is Park Avenue expensive, so maybe just amend the “Report a Broken Site” to “Report a Broken Site or Bug”, and add a footer to the current broken site modal that includes a ‘report a bug’ button, that expands a bug reporting form.

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Completely correct. I am an old-time professional. The Bug Reporting facility is RIDICULOUS, Laughable.

Add under “More Tools” a selection to “Report Bug” to open a clear, concise Bug Report form.

Yes, it IS that easy

Hop to it.

Best, Harold …

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