Names of tabs hardly visible/invisible on dark mode

Hello there fellow brave user,

I noticed that recently I was unable to read the name of the tabs anymore since it was basically invisble or hardly visible. Only if I was using said tab I was able to read the characters since they were then whitened again. Otherwise they would be the same color as tabs in the background.

I am currently using this version: 1.37.113 Chromium: 100.0.4896.88 and I honestly don’t know since when this “thing” happened.

Any help will be appreciated

Best regards

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Try workaround in the post below.

Titles of Tabs Unreadable

I think the fix is scheduled for 1.37.x - Release #6. And I think this update (1.37.113) is 1.37.x - Release #5, but don’t hold me to that! It gets really confusing sometimes… :grin:

(Windows only) Text in tab bar is sometimes unreadable depending on brave colors and windows accent color


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Well thank you so much. Simply changing the Windows accent color actually worked.

Have a good one!

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Please take a moment to mark the post by @Chocoholic as the solution so folks searching this issue can refer to this post to help themselves.

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