Tabs are not seen

Whenever there are multiple tabs you can’t see or read the title of the tabs. I don’t know if its the same as the issue that was solved already. Titled, “Tab Bar Dark (not appearance)” I don’t see any option to disable what he called ‘increase contrast.’

What should I do?

Here’s the sample image.
Changing the apperance may help, but I’m wondering because this is the first time that it happened and is not the case since I first used this browser.
Is this a privacy setting sort of thing?

Update: found a thread about the windows colors and after changing it the titles can be seen. The downside is you won’t be able to use your preferredwindows colors.

Tab Visualization Issue after 1.37.109 update

This issue is also being addressed in the Feature Request topic linked below. You may want to track that topic.

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