My refferal confirm dont update , please help me fix

confirm installed and downloaded I did not update the report still. confirm should have started to increase because I have been trying to find referrals and they have been installed for 30 days please help me ( ) this is my refferal link

The same thing happens to many people, thousands and thousands of references that have not been confirmed, there are 2 days left until the end of the month and brave is still having serious errors … Coronavirus effect? we do not know…

@krisna it’s not 30 days since installation. But 30 days of use.

A mi me pasa lo mismo hoy 29 me tienen que confirmar referidos y no a pasado nada por favor para ver si me revisan ya casi termina el mes. Saludos

Yes 30 use . And dont update confirm to my account

@eljuno do I have to wait to confirm the update

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