My BAT reduced from 1.8 something to 0.690?

  1. Wallet info
    Key info seed: Valid
    Wallet payment ID: a2fd6e35-0cf5-45e0-b975-093f0bf419aa
    Wallet created: 02/07/2021, 10:39:54 AM

  2. Brave : 1.21.74 Chromium: 89.0.4389.72 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    Revision :3f345f156bfd157bd1bea06310e55f3fb2490359-refs/branch-heads/4389@{#1393}
    OS : Windows 10 OS (Build 10240.17394)


Hello @ranbirinng, have you been paid for February ?
I use Brave for few days now, I just arrived the 27th February, but I’ve been paid for 3 days (27/28 and 1st).
It’s normal your BAT’s count decrease if some ads have been paid. I haven’t my 27/28 and 1st ads in reward section.

Contact @steeven, perhaps more patience is required.

Yo. :wink:


Checked my Uphold account. The funds have been transferred.


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