Lost Favourites - Any way to get them back?

Hello Dear Brave Community
Recently a laptop I’ve had for over 5 years, crashed, took it to the local IT market, they thought it was a BIOS issue, tried to fix it, apparently not, and said the PC is beyond repair. Basically the power button lights up, but the actual laptop doesn’t start up so the screen is blank.
Ive managed to get the data which was on the hard drive, and transfer it to another laptop.

A problem I’m facing is I had A LOT OF useful favourites saved in Brave, and wondering IF there is anyway at all for me to get access to them again, and transfer them to a new laptop?

Does anyone know whether there may be some specific folder where they’re actually stored?
Or anyway to clone the hard drive? and have access to the favourites?
or are they lost forever?

Thank you in advance
Have a great day!

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