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I read this when searching for Linux referrals; which doesn’t exist. Referral links are only for windows, it will download an exe, or just redirect you to the how to install on linux page, and that’s it. I think it’s unfair that referrals only support one operating system. You claim Brave is open source and built by a team of privacy focused, yet for referrals, you ignore an operating system that is open source, and privacy focused, forcing only a literal data mining, proprietary operating system, that’s essentially a giant key logger. You have linux builds, so I don’t see the issue here. You can even choose to do something like choosing one or two distros and say they are the only “verified” distros, to help linux issues or whatever. I just think it’s entirely unjustified, and unfair. My community is comprised of linux users, and now I can’t use referrals to be supported by my community because they aren’t given the option by you here at Brave. Please, I don’t know the reasoning, but I’m sure you can come up with a solution as to why. You can easily change the installer-based-referral system to inputting the referral into a generic installation. I just am upset that as a content creator, you’ve limited how my userbase can contribute to me, because of their operating system, which, as a browser, works on their operating system, just not the referrals. Hopefully this will change in the future, or maybe you can compensate me for few hundred users referrals I’ve lost because of your os specific lock-in referral system.


Hi @nahdoubtit, welcome to Community, thanks for posting!

Off the top of my head, we had Linux referrals working last year but ran into some technical issues. I believe this was due to difficulties in testing the referral program on the many, many Linux distros out there. Your suggestion to focus on a couple distros is a good one – I will definitely reach out to the team and find out if this is possible.

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Any news?

I am responsible for BigLinux distribution, it is not well known outside Brazil, but we have a good acceptance in our country, with thousands of active users.

Most of our users are intermediate or advanced users, ie people who tell their families which programs to use, this includes the web browser.

A partnership between Brave and BigLinux can be very advantageous on both sides, but the reference system needs to work on Linux, and I even propose to help with testing and implementation.

Hello, anyone in there?

Linux? Any nows about this?