Links in emails won‘t open anymore

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Description of the issue:
Since update to version 1.48.1 , I can‘t open links from other apps like email anymore. Brave seems to be stuck, sometimes it even crashes and closes, if I try to open the same link continuously.
I use IOS 16.3.1. and Brave is my standard browser for years.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. See description, no change

Expected result:
When clickyon a link from an email, Brave should open the page.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Xr, IOS 16.3.1
Additional Information:

If Brave is already running with an open tab, the link e.g. from an email will be opened by Brave. If Brave was inactive or no other tab open, Brave browser would freeze and crash.

Just to be clear, you’re saying if you click on a link within another app where it should open that link in Brave, it won’t open? If so, does this issue only happen when clicking on links from within a particular app or does it happen when clicking on any links?

For example, if I told you go click on does it navigate properly?

Can you explain more of what you mean? When I see continuously mentioned, I’m wondering if you mean that you click on the link many times, if it you mean to click and then let it try to open without doing anything else, or what?

@michal is there a way to pull up crash reports on iOS? brave://crashes and similar don’t seem to work. Trying to think if there’s any options one can use to try to figure out what’s causing apps like Brave to crash?

If currently not a way, is it something that can be built out in the future?

Yes, if I click on a link within any other app where it should open that link in Brave, it won’t open. E.g. it did not open your link from you post above.
The Brave browser app freezes and won’t react on any finger tap. The URL line shows an X, like if you could stop loading, but it won’t react. I need to close the app or in some cases it closes/crashes by itself.

‘Continuously’ means, even if I click on the link several times, of links in several apps, and then let it try to open without doing anything else, Brave won’t open any page and crashes at some point.

Can you record this behavior by any chance?
I tried to reproduce and it works for me

You can also try to get us crash logs, instructions are similar to this

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