Jdownloader click´n´load doesnt work

Hy everybody. It looks like BB is not forwarding any request to Jdownloader. I installed the plugin but it doesnt helped

Are there other ways get it working?

First, welcome to our community forum! :blush:

To your question: I had the same problem and the solution to it was easy too. You need to deactivate Brave Shields temporarily.

Important: Depending on which site you’re, you need to activate Brave Shields again before leaving. In my experience the next site I opened, same site but with other links didn’t load correctly because the ads came across your way. So the first time you need to open it with activated Brave Shields. Then after the site is loaded deactivate it and use the click'n'load button. After that activate it again.

Short Guide:

  1. Be sure that Brave Shields is activated. (Lion is Orange, else gray)
  2. Open the website with the Click'n'Load button.
  3. Deactivate Brave Shields.
  4. Use the Click'n'Load button and add the links to JD2
  5. After that, activate the Brave Shields again.
  6. Restart from step one for the next link website.

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