It Is Already August 9 and i haven't received my payment for creators

Is The Publisher/creators payment delayed???


Yes the payment is a bit delayed.You will receive your BAT shortly.

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@Black_Hat can you tell me when exactly the payment will start? is it 10th?

Either 10th or 11th as per the information provided by the BAT community.

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Visit this thread for more info > Publishers Payout Megathread: August 2020


you must wait at least 11th August

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@ShineWhine this means the payout will start from august 10???

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mee too. i haven’t received my reward. the claim button is missing

Not sure, change the notification level to “Watching” for this thread to get notified when there is a new update regarding that topic.

Yet, Steven said, “Payments will being processing soon.”


PublishervPayout will start in August 10th like what they said in global pin we just need to wait

I also haven’t received my payment. Earlier @steeven said that the payment would be on August 8, but today is August 9. I saw a message that the delay may be due to weekends, but earlier I received baht and weekends and never had any problems, but now for some reason it has become a problem. especially since I have already seen a message that someone has already received their payment. it looks like some of us just won’t get paid again.