Is it possible to install Brave to an alternate location? Victim of small SSD

Is it possible to install Brave to an alternate location? I have a 500GB SSD for my OS, and I have found that Brave becomes a storage hog (over almost GB!!!). With the few other programs that insist on installing to the same drive as the OS, it has become an issue. I can’t even install Windows 11 due to space, and MS Office is having issues since it tries to do it’s work in C: drive.

I know this has been an issue since the start, and the last topic on this was locked in August ‘21, but has there been any progress? If I can’t choose to install it to a different drive (or at the very least in the Program Files directory so it’s available on my kids’ profiles), then I will have to uninstall it and go back to Firefox. It boggles my mind that 3+ years of people requesting it hasn’t made this a priority.

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Yes, it is possible. I’m not entirely sure what affect it may have on Brave Rewards, but in general, you can move your profile folder (which is likely taking up all the space) to another directory, then edit your browser shortcut path to point to that directory.

So for example, if you’re wanting to move your profile folder to your SSD, you’ll go to

C:\Useres\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default

Note: If you’ve created a separate browser profile, you’ll be looking for that folder instead of Default in the path above

Copy this folder and move it to the desired location on the SSD. Then once done, you can edit the Brave browser shortcut icon you use to open the browser by right-clicking on it, then Properties, then appending the following to the Target path:


I actually want to move both the app and my profile date off of my SSD (which has the OS) and onto my extra HDD that I use for storage and extra apps. I want to keep my SSD only for the OS and necessary programs. Is it going to be an issue if it isn’t on the same physical drive that Windows is on?

I think the process for doing this should be the same — sorry for misinterpreting your goal here.

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