iOS Customize Dashboard Missing

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Description of the issue:
Customize dashboard icon missing
New tab has my favorites only, no clock, and Customize options missing from bottom right of page

How can this issue be reproduced?
Going to my brave home page or new tab

Expected result:
I’d like my customize dashboard options back

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
iOS iPhone and iPad

Additional Information:
Brave page works on my Windows 11 Laptop, but not on my iOS devices. I removed clock by mistake and then all customize options gone except for Bravo stats

I don’t remember those being on iOS. This is because we have our own clock on the top, so it’s redundant to add it to NTP. And there’s not much to customize, so instead we just go to Brave’s SettingsNew Tab Page where you can toggle the few things we can mess with, which are Background Images, Privacy Hub, and Favorites.

What you’re describing is what I’ve seen on Desktop and all. I’m wondering if I’m just not observant and have a bad memory or if you’re confusing them?

Customize was available on iOS it was working for me before but I hid the clock and then the customize option was lost

Thanks for responding

I can’t get the clock back

To my knowledge, the clock / customize was never an option in Brave for iOS although it would be nice to see the clock feature being added

I tried skimming through the Changelog, which is where they list changed, and I’m not seeing it. You can check at

Guess let me tag @michal and @mattches to see if they might be able to give some guidance on that. Also, while might have their attention, can ask why the latest CHANGELOG is for 1.60.1 despite the idea current is 1.61.1 and should be transitioning to 1.62.xx soon?

To my knowledge the “customize” option is and was never an option on iOS — I’ve reached out to the iOS team to confirm. Looking on my end, I do not see any customize option on my iPad when I look.

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