Invalid response received error message on YouTube using Brave app

Description of the issue: “Invalid response received” message when trying to play video on YouTube in Brave app on my android phone. Can’t play any videos.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Attempting to play a video on YouTube on the Brave app on my android mobile

Expected result: no videos will play, screen goes blank with error message “Invalid response received”

Brave Version( check About Brave): latest downloaded Brave app on android mobile version 1.24.84

Mobile Device details Motorola G4 android

Additional Information:
The day before I noticed an advert played on a video on youtube which had never happened before with the Brave app, the next day all the videos stopped working with the error message. Please help me fix this I love using the Brave app!

Update: This error is fixed! Thank you Brave!

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I am experiencing this same issue with a Galaxy S10. Please fix, going to be a long work day listening to ads if I can’t use Brave.

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Hey Emma and Conrad1,

This is a currently developing issue, and the internal team is working to fix it. However, it is possibly to bypass it temporarily by turning off your Brave Shields, and turning them back on.

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yes I was doing that whilst waiting for the fix, it’s all fixed now, thank you!

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