Improve History. Example: Why is "Show Full History" always blank?

I wish I could grasp the expanse of failure that is the History aspect of Brave, but I can’t. It’s simply terrible. I don’t know any fellow Brave users who like or bother with its History. It is the weakest part of Brave, and consistently so. Surely the developers know and acknowledge this. I’ve cleared and reset History countless times and it never comes close to the History every browser user has come to expect. Feature for feature, its next to worthless. And yet, nothing is ever done to improve it. IMHO users have given up on it, noticing that nothing is ever done to improve it. My single best example is the fact that after a full reset of History, using the browser over a brief period of time causes “Show Full History” to be entirely blank. This is incomprehensible. Please do something. Please pay attention and do something to make History actually work, and work reliably. I’m going to keep asking until I too give up on it and the developers. This is important.

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I have a similar issue: Brave history doesn't track pages, it appears to delete results