I still don't receive ads

I haven’t received ads in 3 weeks, since the last update. Before that I received many daily.
I tried the solutions of deactivating rewards for a few seconds and activating again but it doesn’t work. They still haven’t arrived for weeks.

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HI @piffyluque - what OS and Brave version are you on?

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Thanks, and what country are you in?

I checked on FAQ. Supposedly available.

Same Issue :frowning:

@steeven . I am getting adds but no monthly payout now since February. I have messaged many times with no response . Problem not solved . Have reinstalled and updated browser .Disconnected and reconnected rewards . And nothing changes . What is the problem ? Why hasn’t it been rectified ? ITS 5 MONTHS NOW !!!

@piffyluque can you make sure your device region and language both set to Argentina?

I get ads, but upon clicking them they usually do not resolve.

I have to go into 7 day ad history and click them if they are of interest.

Yes. In fact I received 3 ads in the last 2 hours. Before the update I also received. So I think the settings should be fine.

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