I just claimed my rewards from this month but nearly 60% of the bat was not added to my account

I just received my bat rewards today and I clicked on the claim button and it said I was going to get 2.750 BAT but only 0.750 BAT was added to my account. Where’s the rest of my BAT? I only got like 40% of what I was told I would get.


Why isnt somebody answering this question? i had the same experience. When i opened mi up hold wallet, half of my BAT didnt transfer. I asked Uphold, and no answer. Can a brave team member help us here?

Even I encountered same issue.
But difference in BAT received is not so high for me.

I was expected to receive 2.3435 BAT but I received only 2.25 BAT.

Seems to be some kind of charges.

Can someone confirm

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