I have not seen ads in days

Hi guys,
I have not seen ads appear on my screen for a week. Why is that?

My Brave version is 1.8.5. and I’m using it on MacOS High Sierra

I’m currently located in Italy and everything worked fine until 6-7 days ago

Try to update your Brave browser to newer version. It helped me with the same issue on macOS Catalina couple of days ago.

from 3 hour ago I watched ad but now ad is not showing in my windows 10 pro latest brave version.

I don’t see a single ads since April :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I solved my problem. Check the “focus” settings in your windows configuration. I changed it to “off” and i’m getting the ads now

I have MacOS… What can I do? Is there anything similar? Or maybe I’m mistaking the word “windows”

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