I've recieved only a portion of Brave earned rewards today

Please help
I’ve recieved only a portion of Brave earned rewards today also I’m not getting any ads since morning.

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Hi @Pratheek, there will be some days where you get no ads, I call them ‘slow’ days :upside_down_face:
You can check how many active campaigns are running in your country here (scroll down a bit):

And you can see which ads are specifically running for you here:

As for payout amount, some of the BAT earned close to the payout date will be held over to the next payout date - it’s happened to me, too.

If you are having some issue with this payout date, read this post by Support and follow it for any updates:

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Ohh ok ok, thanks for enlightening me. By when would this issue resolve?

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Hi @Pratheek, it could take up to several days for the payout to complete.

As long as these icons^ are green, the process is still happening. They should turn red once all transactions have been made. So when you see them red and if you are still having issues, you can follow the second half of that post’s directions to contact Support.

bro @saereV i have received only a part of the brave rewards but its not showing on my uphold account(the account is verified).

could you please help me out?

@RajathNayak it’s still processing :upside_down_face:
I have something similar, too.
Try to watch that post by Support more… change these settings so you get any news as soon as it posts:

so after its done processing will i be able to see my rewards reflected in uphold?

That is the aim and hope, yes. :crossed_fingers:

But, if you, or anyone, are still having these types of issues after the processing is done, there are instructions on what to do next (read the second half of that post):

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thanks a lot bro :+1: :+1:

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