I dont see any ads for last 1 week My Android phone

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1.Brave ads are not showing from last 1 week
2.No pop up ads
3.No Earnings

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave 1.12.113

Mobile Device details


Model Number - RMX1805

Android Version - 9 (Pie)

Additional Information:

Respected brave community,

i am facing this problem for more than 1 week , i cannot able to see any ads there is no ad notification in my brave browser i checked all of the settings nothing is changed 5 ads per hour. but i don’t see any ad notifications. & my brave rewards not transferring to my uphold account.could you please help me to resolve these problems. kindly a user.

We are currently working through several Rewards issues right now:

We appreciate your patience.

Brave Browser Ads not showing (No pop up ads)

I am Android user

How to solve issue ? :pray:

It’s happening in both Android as well as Windows. I updated my PC’s Brave to the latest version 3 days ago and since then poof, no ads. same with my android device, no ads after updating. Let’s see what happens

Hello all,

Let’s try to be honest about this.
Lot’s of “nice” people were abusing the system in order to gain some $ - that is something that was done because was possible but same time because human nature.
It is not normal to get paid to see same add 25 times a day - just a click and close.
If we want this to be something in the future and the value of the BAT to be kept safe than this needs to stop and i hope Brave team will do something about it.

I will use Brave as i already did with or without “Rewards”, my reasons are as it follows:

  1. I used Google in the past and 4GB vs 500Mb RAM usage is something (even tho i have 32GB RAM and a good PC)
  2. Much faster that Google
  3. Why to let people tracking me just because they can? I don’t have nothing to hide but come on …
  4. The amount of adds just watching YouTube on Google is really making me puke.

I could add several other reasons but i stop here.
Please don’t complain about this, Brave was not made for people just to abuse the system and make some extra money.
Guys GO FIND A JOB if you want money, oh a jobs requires you to work not to abuse something …

Have a nice day!

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