I don't earn my rewar on grab.tc

Download and install Brave browser and proceeds to use it for 30 days since the browser was first opened to receive 2,000 Bits

Job ID



2000.00 Bits

I’m dont see any post on my email and administraion of this site ignored me

3 things:

  1. That site looks like a scam.
  2. When entering the site, you are redirected to a Brave referral link, which no longer gives 5 BATs.
  3. Brave will pay you (if they don´t ban your account) for watching ads while browsing.

No, I’m don’t get anything from grab.tc. it’s look’s like they received my reward)
If you can take to me 5 bat it’s be very thankfulness from me

чт, 13 янв. 2022 г., 02:25 uni via Brave Community <brave@discoursemail.com>:

Hi, so what I need to do?

Honestly, Brave is not giving me any BATs. You could try watching ads and see if they pay you or not. I’m about to move on from this browser.

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