I did not receive my Brave rewards for last month

I did not receive my Brave rewards for last month. My account is connected to zebpay and nothing has come through. Please help.

Android , brave beta



You’re not able to open the rewards page either?

Yes, i am not able to open the reward page (specific in brave beta), even i dont receive bat rewards in zebpay

Alright questionnaire time.

  1. Are you using both Brave (stable) & Brave Beta, on your device?

  2. Are reward payments pending from both or just brave beta?

  3. Were you trying to inflate your earnings by any means?

About rewards page not being accessible on beta version, maybe it’s a bug and will be fixed in later updates cause remember the B in Beta stands for Bugs (not literally).

Yes , from this month i use both brave and brave beta, but last month i used only brave beta in my all devices like pc and more than 7 Android devices of my family members

I used only brave beta last month so all devices brave rewards are pending

No , just i use only single zebpay account for my all devices

Extra info : rewards page show in brave stable version and i dont recived even a single bat payout in zebpay

Try raising a support ticket in regards to your pending payment at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=36000130243

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