Brave rewards not received in my zebpay account

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i was told last month that i’m eligible to get paid and i will receive my may month payout in june but now i checked my zebpay account there is nothing i have received yet

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What Operating System and Brave version are you using? windows

Who is your verified custodian? zebpay

Are you in a supported region? yes india

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You received the payout for May in June, but the Brave rewards you received in May will be deducted by Zebpay as their monthly fee if you have not made a trade in that month. This happened exactly with me, so I contacted their support, and this is the reply I received.
Dear Zebpay Member,

Please note, if there was no trading activity or active lending in a given month, a membership fee of 0.0001 BTC + GST (18%) (or its equivalent in any other cryptocurrency or INR) is charged on the 1st of the following month.

As a result, your crypto holdings were used to cover the membership fee for the above months. This fee is non-refundable. You can view this deduction in your ZebPay app by accessing the specific token’s wallet history in the quick trade or history tab on the exchange page.

For example: The fee for March gets deducted on 01 April, if there’s no trade done/active lending in March.

For detailed information on what is a membership fee, please refer to the below link:

You can easily avoid this membership fee by following any of the below steps:
Make at least one trade (buy or sell) each month. You can make a trade of any amount above the minimum limit that is Rs. 100

You can lend tokens available under our lending feature which has dual benefits that is to earn interest and avoid membership fee.

in my case there is nothing in order history so which means i haven’t received anything and if the transactions happened yesterday how can they deduct amount within 24 hrs? and the what is the membership fee? 685inr it’s horrible bro

The membership fee is of 0.0001 BTC + GST (18%).
I know it is horrible but there is nothing we can do about it until brave allows us to link our rewards account with solana ecosystem.

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You should try to contact support of zebpay through the app

first of all i need to get confirmation about if i got paid or not because my profile was flagged before and now in may month they unflagged so lets get a reply first from brave

You can check that in Zebpay app in brave rewards history.

yes it shows no BAT reward transaction yet

I have done trade in zebpay last month, multiple times to be frank. The point is there’s no payout of BAT this time. The above reply is computer generated and I’ve got that even if I made the trade.

Anyone having issues on receiving payouts needs to complete a Rewards Support Ticket at

They can’t help just based on posts here. More information is needed.

i raised a ticket no. 267214 yesterday and they didn’t reply till now and you are behaving like a sigma guy with too much arrogance without solving a issue

@Nitesh1 you have had issues and raised tickets before. At this point you should be aware they need more than a day to respond in most cases.

How so? By just stating the facts? Only thing you see on this topic is where I advised tickets are necessary as those at Brave require additional information. Things like your email address, Rewards Payment ID, etc. And of course those things shouldn’t be shared publicly, hence why they prefer the support tickets. I merely advised everyone of the proper method to get the necessary help and did not do so rudely.

I don’t work at Brave and therefore don’t have access to their ticket systems or anything. If I could, I’d definitely try to help process things quicker. But by sharing the proper methods to get assistance, I am able to help expedite things. If I didn’t provide the details and anyone wanted to rely only on the forum post, they would have waited days or weeks before someone from Brave might have noticed the topic. They would have then told everyone to create a support ticket.

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whatever can you just tag them and ask to pay?

You should see a response on your ticket soon. Thanks!

@Nitesh1 He was attempting to assist by guiding you to the appropriate section for prompt assistance.

Yes, Brave Rewards with Solana is a good option.
If that happens, I will ditch Zebpay for sure, because Zebpay is the worst thing that happened to Brave rewards and Brave browsers.

It’s best to avoid using Zebpay with Brave browser because of its high monthly fee and limited ecosystem. While Brave Rewards is a great feature, it doesn’t work well with ZebPay. Many people, myself included, are considering switching away from the Brave browser because it doesn’t make sense for people in India to withdraw their rewards.

Any idea when will withdrawal on solana be available to people in India ?

I’ll agree with this.

But I don’t think other than Zebpay none of the other options support brave wallet in India. In my opinion brave should move away from zebpay and tieup with other wallet holders.