I did not receive BAT for March

I receive my bats in uphold and they pay approximately on the 6th but I did not receive the ones from March

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? brave for windows

Who is your verified custodian? (Uphold)

Are you in a supported region? yes, im from Guatemala


I’m with you on this one. looks like everyone was paid except Uphold and Solona and we are already twice as far into the month as when we usually get “paid”. I typically see Uphold in 4-5 days. Not sure what gives and it would be nice for them to at least give a reason with the stoplight chart for payouts if there is a delay.

@jhonnatan_menchu as you can tell, it still shows as pending. Not sure what the holdup is but it used to be like this all the time. We’d have to wait 2-3+ weeks before payments arrived. Then things got a bit smoother and we’ve all been spoiled. Payments are coming. Just have to be patient.


The funny thing is that Uphold Payments were done, but the feedback from the community, rightly so, because no one were receiving shxt, they changed it again in Pending lmao.

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To add, I still haven’t received mine either.


We’re still working on the Uphold payout. We apologize for any confusion. When it is fully complete we will adjust the status accordingly.

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