I can't log-in, because no confirmation email arrives

I can’t log into brave in my PC, because no confirmation email arrives on my phone. I checked all folders, and there’s nothing in any of them.

I have the latest Brave version, Version 1.61.116

I used to be logged in to the same PC, but my HDD burned down, so I had to replace it, and because of that I have to log in again. I’m logged in into my phone, too, if that helps at all.

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Are you trying to login to your Brave Creators account (creators.brave.com) or your Premium account (account.brave.com)?

I’m trying to log in through Brave Creators account (creators.brave.com/log-in)

Got it, thank you.

I’ve just sent you a DM asking for the email address associated with your Creators account, lets pick up this conversation from there.

Sorry, but I can’t find the DMs tabs. Do you know in which part of the UI it is?

Click on your profile image and the click the mail icon:

Of note, I have roped in a colleague to take a look at your account. Hope to have more information for you soon and will reply in our DM.

Thank you