Not receiving login mail for Publisher account!

Hello, I’m not able to receive any mail from Brave to log into my publisher account!

My old post > Not receiving any email to login to publisher account

DMed Steeven but got no reply from him!

@steeven please take a look in to your dm, thanks.

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Thanks @Manish, please see response.

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I have the same problem ;(

@steeven some help? I already wrote you by DM and nothing

Try different browsers (Chrome, edge, firefox) or try it on android.

or wait for Steeven’s reply he sure will reply but it will take time.

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@Manish I already tried chrome and brave … on my laptop, pc and smarthphone… and nothing :frowning:

I’ve been trying for 3 days and I never get the log in email.

Hi @JSPa, I’m not seeing a DM. Will send you one now. Please send your email there. Thanks!

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Thanks! I sent DM :wink:

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