I am not receiving ads anymore

Hello everyone, I am not receiving any ads. It has been happening for a while now. Could you help me with this? I have set 10 ads per hour, it was working before.

They’re flagging a lot of profiles and making it really hard for us to view Ads lately.

Your case must fit into one of these.

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for me it’s second week without any ad, the balance is still the same

A week without a single ad is unusual indeed. I would say you’re probably flagged.

but what’s the reason I’m being flagged? Haven’t done anything out of the ordinary, just browsing

I guess we’ll never know the particular reasons, that’s the point of flagging lol.

But I’m not saying you are, it just looks like.

The only way I know of really checking it is re-verifying your wallet. A message would appear.

Or contacting the support…


Thanks, just re-verified my wallet and it was successful. I contacted support.


Can you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our form there so we can take a closer look?

Thank you.

Thanks, I just contacted support. Now I will wait.

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