How to turn on adblocker on a website which have an adblocker detector?

Its a doubt of mine. There are some sites that detect our shield and ask us to turn them down. And you can’t operate site if we don’t turn off the add blocker.
can brave surpass that AdBlock detector and show it’s glory.

I hope brave will fix this problem for us
site eg:-

                                                             💕Thank you💕

You can turn off the shield on the right side of the url bar. If they ask for more than that, then do what I do and never go back to that site again.

Don’t say that Its a good site for watching animes and comics. I just want to block that AdBlock detector

Pls press the brave logo symbol on your right side of your url bar and turn shields up…

No you can’t up your shields. because the site will detect that you are using add blocker. so it will stop working until your shield down
Try it:

sorry bro you try but can’t ignore the facts than I am true

just tested it now, and it seems ublock origin did a better job to mitigate the ad blocker nag. I don’t know which part of brave adblocker has triggered the nag but if determined, then we can whitelist it for this site.

This is with brave built-in adblocker ON:

This is with Ublock ON:

yeah I know that but I was looking if there is any solution for watch it
any way its ok if it show less ads :smiling_face_with_tear:

what I showed is one solution…
disabling brave adblocker and enabling ublock origin… will still block ads because ublock is an adblocker right? and better still no nag on disabling adblocker…

if you don’t want to install ublock, then we need other people within the brave adblocker dev team to look it for us.

I don’t have ublock. can you send me installation link please

Go to Brave Ad-Block and add this line to the Custom Filters.
Should work for this site.


Thank you bro I’ll try it right away

yey its working. this is what I am looking thank you so much bro

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Sadly only the solution for this special site but if it works i am happy for you :slight_smile:

Ok bro It’s more than enough. if that was really crated by you, you must be something else

There is also one more site:

Can you fix this also

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