How to recconect the brave reward to browser after re-installing in windows in INDIA region

hi am facing dome pproblems in my brave browser
so i re-installed it in my windows so is there is any way can i recconect it to my old reward account and get my old earnings that we get as a reward means in brave notification ads and brave news ads
so is there is any thing called recovery key or something else please let me know

You will still receive your Rewards earned for the previous month. You can learn more here:

i didn’t understand that solution (the link you have shared ) i had read it alredy dut i did’nt understand how will i get my old earnings like if we reinstalled our brave on 15th day of month so how will i recover that 15 days earnings
i had attached photo of as an example (earnings
Screenshot 2024-03-01 192626

Even if you reset, your estimated earnings from your previous profile, up approximately to the time you reset, will still be deposited to your account in the next payout period.

ok but is that last account that we have in last our device will be counted as a device which we connected to our zeb pay account and then at the braves system it will show 2 browsers will connected to our zebpay account

You can have multiple devices connected

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