How to login and bring back extensions?


After 3 years, I had to reinstall a fresh Windows. Installed Brave and looking for account and login feature like Chrome or Firefox to login to my account and bring back my “extensions”, “bookmarks” (Fortunately I exported bookmarks manually). But I didn’t see account feature or login to account or something like that to login so Brave starts to sync and brings back the “extensions” and “bookmarks” or whatever things.

Fortunately I backed up of my bookmarks and exported them before I formatted my machine, now I don’t know how to recover my extensions.

I’m new with Brave and confused with this part of it and I guess there’s no Login/Account option in Brave!

What should I do now? Should I go to the store and install the extensions manually?!
Why Brave doesn’t Login feature like Chrome or Firefox?

Masoud :slightly_smiling_face:

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