How to install libpkcs certificates to use smart cards

I want to use my electronic id card reader as I do with Firefox.

To do that I install the libpkcs package in Linux. Easy!
Then I enable the pcscd.service in Linux. Easy!

Finally, I have to load the libpkcs file in the Web Browser

In Firefox it’s · Edit > Preferences > Privacy & Security > Security > Ceritificates > Security Devices > Load … where I select the file /usr/lib/ (the specific file to use DNI-E, the Electronic National Identity Document, in Spain)

How do I do this in Brave?
I know there’s a section called “Manage certificates” but there I can only load SSL files.

The card reader is not specific for this card. It’s used for a lot of cryptographic / smart cards.
I’ve found it on USA websites and many other countries.

I’m sorry if my English is not good enough.

Thanks in advance!

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