How to index my site on Brave webmaster?

I own a wealth tech website ( What’s the process to get it indexed in brave webmaster

Hello, I have heard that Brave launched its search engine so I want to know can We index our sites in your Search Engine or you have any webmaster tools for bloggers as I own a Home Improvement blog so that I can index my blog on Brave? Thanks!

Idk, but my site was inIndexed on brave search

I also want to add my site CodeExampler Learn Free Coding but not show any option how add

So, how index my website about online casinos in the Philippines in the Brave Search? Who know??

Hi, My site is completely a new one. I just added it into google webmasters and Bing webmasters. It has indexed in those Search engines but I can’t able to see the option to add my site into Brave search engine.

I have an website (, can you please tell me how could i add this site to brave webmaster.