How to edit sidebar website shortcuts?

Hi, i am using the latest version of Brave on Windows 11

How do i edit a sidebar shortcut ?
I am talking about the shortcuts you add with the + button in the sidebar

I use notion, if go to, it redirects to your top file, so you can’t + it because it redirects instantly.
So now if i use that shortcut it won’t send me to my top file but to whatever my top file was when i plus-ed it.

I tried drag and dropping a regular edited shortcut to the sidebar but it wouldn’t let me, am i missing something ?

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Not entirely sure I understand the issue here. I’m was able to do this right away with
If you’re being redirected to something in your account, you should log out, then add the site to the sidebar, then log back in.

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my question is how do i edit the url linked to that shortcut once i created it ?

I tried your suggestion, when i do that the shortcut still links to the main page and i need to clic the connect button, still a good option tho :slight_smile: thanks.

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I would simply remove the shortcut, visit the desired link, then re-add the new link with the + button.

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but i can’t visit the desired link because i get redirected too quickly

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Unfortunately there is no way to edit directly at this time, although I do believe we have this planned for future updates.

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thanks, is there a timeline or something i can follow ?

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Looks like this is an open P3 (Priority 3 of 5) issue on our Github:


I had the same issue but I found a solution which works for me, let me know if it works for you too!

Turn off your wifi/ internet connection

Paste the your URL into the URL bar
Because there is no internet connection so the page should no load and you should not be redirected.

Click the plus on the Brave sidebar. This should add the initial URL to the sidebar

Turn internet / wifi back on and test it :slight_smile:

Let me know if that works for you too @155

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It works ! 10/10 genius

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