How to add/edit quick access bookmarks on home page?

Description of the issue:

First time Brave user. Sorry for novice question.

Using Brave default homepage. I would like to add on the empty homepage about 8 icons corresponding to the web links I use frequently. So far, using Brave to browse a few sites today, I notice the home page save an icon of the web site I just opened.

But I have no idea how the icon made it into the home page, in which order and the text label below the icon. Is there a way to edit the quick access bookmarks on the homepage? For example, arranging the order and the text below the icon.

Also, b/c I don’t know the rule how the bookmark icons appears in the homepage. I hope that Brave will not keep every website on that page as it would become unreadable when there are too many. For these quick access icon, I have very few (max 8). I would like to have the homepage uncluttered. By adding myself the quick access bookmark. I would appreciate if you can show me how to achieve this.


Expected result:

Allow user to control the quick access bookmarks in the home page.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.36.112

Mobile Device details
Pixel3, Android 11, build RQ3A.211001.001

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