How do i reach out as a "publisher"

Hi iam a artist and im trying to reach out, whats the best way?. my free based web site cant be googled. u must pay, the upgrade cost alot and to build a free website without the ease of precoding isnt someting i can do, feel free to check it out, …

suggestions on how to get my art out there ?

I would start by creating a Publishers account at which will guide you through the setup process.

i cant link my website there cuz i hafto buy the a domain first to change the txt, i couldt enter it there, and how do people and up on my publisher site. cant find any steps? :confused:

To edit your txt record on wix, you need to have a custom domain but on the alternative, you can link a youtube channel if you have any.

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i have a youtube channel, but it seems no place to put up pictures. and how do people find me on brave, like the tippin banner for example, how do they end up there?

If I get you correctly, you want to know how people can know you are a Brave publisher and also send you tips? Since you have a youtube channel, I’d say you can make a video about Brave which explains how it works to your channel subscribers and let them know you are a publisher on the platform.

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Good idea. yes that was wat i ment, thanks alot

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